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  • The Flame of Love

    This is bartender Pepé Ruiz’s recipe for the Flame of Love, his signature drink at the now-defunct Chasen’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was Sinatra’s favorite drink—and gossip columnist Jo Carnahan’s as well (visit Jo in Players).


    1/4 ounce fino sherry

    Several peels orange rind

    2 ounces vodka, chilled

    Here are the instructions from Pepe himself: “You swirl a few drops of La Ina Sherry in a chilled stem glass and pour it out. Than squeeze a strip of Orange peel into the glass and flambé it with a with match. Throw away the peel. Now fill the glass with ice to chill again, then throw that out. Add vodka, than flambé another orange peel around the rim. Now throw out the second burnt peel. Then just stir it gently. And drink, drink.”

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